Book Rating System

I am attempting to start a new practice of writing down some notes for books that I really enjoyed or found particularly insightful and have changed how I think about the world.

My current system of assigning some number of stars is arbitrary and does not really convey my thoughts about the book, most importantly to myself when I look back at the list and can't remember reading a book or why I gave it the rating I did. Moving forward, here's my legend:

  • DNF = did not finish, will include some kind of qualifier like "lost interest" or "terrible"
  • 0 = anything from meh to awful, bottom line: not recommended
  • 1 = enjoyed
  • 2 = recommended if you like the genre
  • 3 = top book I've read all time (see:

In general, I will also note the genre, e.g. literary fiction, business non-fiction, et cetera.

I will use this system moving forward, and will back-rate as many books as I feel confident I remember well.